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 You Again, Old Best Friend
Samantha Childs
 Posted: Jul 14 2016, 01:37 PM
Samantha Childs

@Sam: "Look for the girl with the broken smile / Ask her if she wants to stay awhile"

user posted image

Name: Kenneth "Kenny" Meyers (his middle name is up to you)
Age: About 27 years old (since he's to be the same age as Samantha)
Play-by: Kellan Lutz (preferable unless you have a good reason to use another)
Occupation: Up to the player
Member Group: Up to the player

So, a little backstory on these two - They lived next door to each other in Mesa, Arizona. Their mothers were and still are good friends. They both have an older sibling, about three years older. His brother is named Nicholas, Nick for short. Her sister is named Danielle, though she calls her Dani for short. It was joked about (by their mothers) that one of the pairs would fall in love and get married someday. Their fathers would chuckle and roll their eyes at the idea, but even if they said something, their wives would keep going with it. A fruitless battle, so they decided to just hang on the sidelines. Kenny and Sam had become best friends. She became "one of the guys" and had annoyed some of the girls in her class, because of it. She loved Kenny to pieces, but didn't think it would be more than that. Then, the end of their junior happened. They shared a kiss during a game of "Spin the Bottle" and things seemed to have changed. Sam knew that she was in love with him, but in the end, he didn't seem to reciprocate those same feelings.

Now, they hardly speak...

*Shifting to the present* Samantha's been living in Miami for some time now, working as a lifeguard and devoting time to her art. What if he was to show up in Miami? What will she do? Sam still loves him, though seeing him again, it may feel like her heart's breaking once more...but will things play out differently this time around?

What is up to you? A bunch of things are open to whatever your creative juices come up with! His middle name, his parents' names and occupations, his history...though it has to include her in parts. They've been best friends after all. What he went for college for, of course, is up to you. His secret, however, is kinda set. You can put it into your words, but the basis of it is "I lied when I said that I didn't love her." I have the idea that he actually loves her back, but was either too scared to mess up their friendship or wasn't totally aware of it until he broke her heart while visiting her at college.

Anyway, what Kenny was up to while away from her is up to you.

Conclusion: If you snatch him up, I will love you lots! <3 I have the random idea, based off this photo, that things could get more interesting with throwing a little obstacle in the way of their reunion. A guy could be in the midst of working his way through her barriers and to her heart, when Kenny decides to show up. If you want to work with that, then sweet! If not, that's fine too. I'm pretty flexible on things, so if you have any questions or ideas you want to run by me, feel free to PM me! I won't bite, unless you ask XD LOL

Thanks for stopping by and see you around the site!
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