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 Occupation Claim
 Posted: Apr 30 2016, 11:10 PM

@Marcy: This is Zootopia, where anyone, can be anything!

Occupation Claim

choose an occupation

Here you will find a long list of places where your character can claim employment. If they work two jobs just fill it out as many times as needed.

If you need a business or corporation added, please, post the request using this code:

[code] <h3>Category</h3> [b]Business Name Here[/b] <BR>- [color=MEMBERGROUPcolor][b][i]Character Name (Job Title)[/i][/b][/color] [/ code]
(Add as many job titles as needed.)

In order to claim a job use the code below:

[code] [b]Business Name Here [/b] <br>- [color=MEMBERGROUPcolor][b][i]Character Name (Job Title)[/i][/b][/color] [/ code]
If you need a job title in one of the already placed business just use that title, and we’ll add it to the list in the appropriate business.

Sanguine: #53999A
Choleric: #756683
Phlegmatic: #D47A84
Melancholic: #5E88A3


Fun Club Daycare


Ponce De Leon Elementary School


Coral Reef Senior High School


Florida International University


University of Miami


Emergency & Public Services

University of Miami Hospital

- Darcy Rosner(ED Attending)
- Astrid Eliassen (ED Resident)

Miami Police Department

- Derek Callaghan (Narcotics & Vice Lieutenant)
- Rebecca Cromwell (Homicide Detective)
- Nathaniel Halsted (Homicide Detective)
- Euphemia King (Technology Expert)
- Elijah Gerwitz (Technology Consultant)
- Hailey Rhodes (Head Lab Tech)
- Alexander Falco (Linguistic Analyst)

Miami FBI Field Office

- Karpos Nichols (Field Agent)
- Alexander Falco (Linguistic Analyst)

Miami Fire Department

- Wade Adams (Truck 81 Lieutenant)
- Riley Chapman (Truck 81 FF)

City Council


Miami Herald News


Miami-Dade Public Library


Other Businesses

Grady Enterprises

- Landon Bailey(1 of 2 Owners, on Board of Directors & Head of research and Development)
- Euphemia King (Board of Directors)

Spectateur Magazine

- Cezanne Beauvais (Owner/writer)

The Garage

- Sentia Sorex (Owner & Special Build Cars Mechanic)
- Elizabeth Carpenter (Mechanic)

New Dawn Animal Shelter & Rescue


Kings Ransom (Art Gallery)

- Baldwin King (Owner)

Wolf's Den Firing Range

- Remus Barton (Owner & Archery Instructor *NPC*)

Walnut Psychology Center

- Ava Underwood (Psychologist)

Kaufman, Englett & Lynd, PLLC


Dodge Island

- Jacob Clairmont (Owner & Cargo port Manager)

One Stop Gym


Miami Pawn

- Daxton Andrews (Security)

Beauty Buzz Salon


Knowles Animal Clinic


Dining & Shopping

Bal Harbour

The Spot Game Shop


Feather Inks Tattoo Parlor

- Paige Gardner (Tattoo Artist/Apprentice)

Coco Walk

Trusted Wedding Planning


All Outdoors Sports Shop


Ridani Beachfront Restaurant


Chez Pomme Restaurant

- Erica Bailey (Head Chef (Tues-Fri) / Owner)

Hurricane Bar & Grill


The Love Shack Tiki Bar


Savory Bakery

Dixon's Coffee


Under The Mango Tree Smoothie Shop


Ed’s Diner

- Ed (Owner NPC)

Department Stores



Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


Gaslamp Strip Club

- Charles King (Owner)

Icon Nightclub


Oasis Lounge & Hookah Bar


Automatic Slim (bar)


Birdbowl Bowling Center


Action Town Florida (water park/Indoor activity center)

- Samantha Childs (Lifeguard)

Gramps (Stand-up comedy/live music bar)


Parks & Oceanfront

Miami Beach & Boardwalk

- Samantha Childs (Artist)
- Charles King (Artist)

A.D. Park


Palmetto Mini Golf


Sugar Drop Shop (Candy Store)


Waimea Bay


Domestic Services

Maids 2000


Grasslands Inc (Landscaping)



Miami International Airport


Other/Self Employed


- Elijah Gerwitz (Hacker)
- Tanto Wentworth (Bounty Hunter)


- Emery Adams
- Itzely Vega

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