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 adams, wade, 34 | phlegmatic | chris evans
Wade Adams
 Posted: May 8 2016, 10:44 AM
Wade Adams

Thirty four
@Wade: N/A

wade evans



Wade Evans



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She doesn't love me anymore, but I'm never giving up on us



Fire Fighter


Miami Fire Department


Home-schooled (graduate); Mercy College (degree in fire science)


Sexual Orientation


Relationship Status


Current Partner

Emery Adams








Pref. Pronouns


Wade was raised way out in the sticks of Kentucky on a farm that was handled by the family. His father rode the tractor all day while Wade and his four brothers and one younger sister helped out between being home-schooled by their mother. Each and every one of them graduated by the time they were seventeen and most of them went on to attend college. Wade stuck around the farm for a few years before deciding that he wanted to become a fire fighter. It actually hadn't been such a hard decision really since he had always been one who enjoyed playing with fire as a young boy and even an adolescence.

At the age of twenty-one Wade moved to New York where he attended Mercy College to get his degree in fire science. It was while there that me met someone. She was smart and funny and beautiful. It didn't take long before the two of them started to date. Things between them moved quickly and within a year they were married. His wife had always wanted to travel so before trying to start a family of their own the two of them would often take trips that led them around the world.

Wade was twenty-eight when they finally bought settled into their very own home in Virginia. It wasn't long after that when the couple found out that they were expecting. They were both enthralled at the prospect and shared the good news with all of their family right away. Unfortunately, things went from great to bad to worse. Something went wrong that took the life of their child, it also nearly took the life of his wife. Thankfully she recovered after intensive care. Instead of trying again right away they continued on with their lives.

Everything was good for a few years after that until yet another unfortunate accident happened. Wade and Emery took on hiking and mountain climbing as a hobby. After many successful climbs Emery had slipped due to the rain. She sustained serious injuries to her head which resulted in major memory loss. When she woke up she had no clue as to who Wade was. To her he was a complete stranger which broke his heart. Wade wasn't about to give up so easily, however, as he loved her with all of his heart. So with the notion that it might help the two of them grow closer again they moved to Miami, Florida where she had grown up and where all of her family lived.

Wade had been trying his best to woo his wife all over again, but things between them are currently strained and there doesn't seem to be any sign of a light at the end of the tunnel. Still, he's bound and determined to make her love him even if it takes the rest of his life.

About: Wade grew up in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky on a farm with his parents, four brothers and sister. His mother home schooled them and made sure that each of her children grew up to respect others and have well manners. After graduating at seventeen Wade stayed at home for a few years to continue helping out his father, as most of his brothers had gone off to college. Soon enough he followed suit and moved to New York to attend college so to become a fire fighter. While there he met the woman who would soon become his wife. She fell pregnant a few years down the line but she lost the baby, which nearly took her life. Bad luck seemed to follow them because a few years later his wife had an accident while climbing a mountain. Her head injuries were so severe that she lost her memory. She had no recollection as to who he was. Wade decided to not give up on their relationship and to help he moved her to Miami, Florida to be near her family. Thus far he has failed at winning her heart a second time, but that isn't about to stop him.

Friends: Because he's trying to win his wife back Wade doesn't get out much unless she'll agree to go with him. At the moment most of the friends he'll have will be other fire fighters who work at the station with him.

Enemies: He hasn't been in Miami for too long and he doesn't know many people. I can't think of any specific reason why he would have an enemy( I guess unless someone makes a family member of his wife's.. who doesn't like that he's trying to push her back into a relationship with him).

Lovers: Wade has only ever been in love once and he is currently married to the lucky lady. Only unfortunately for him she doesn't have any memory of him after being struck by a drunk driver. At the moment he is working on trying to win her back. There isn't much open here.

 Posted: May 8 2016, 04:06 PM

@Marcy: This is Zootopia, where anyone, can be anything!



Congratulations! Your character has been accepted here at Miami Lights. Please post in the claims and head over to moderation to request a development forum before posting elsewhere around the board. Posting in shipper apps is the best way to get your character going, so check out the accepted forum to get started! And don't forget, HAVE FUN!
Emery Adams
 Posted: Jun 14 2016, 05:13 PM
Emery Adams

@Ems: What i'd give to remember, if at least in my dreams.

Emery & Wade


Just wanted the Mrs. Who does not remember him, to be first in his shipper <3 These two are so... sad! I LOVE IT!

Riley Chapman
 Posted: Jun 24 2016, 01:58 PM
Riley Chapman

@Riley: Oh Lord, Oh Lord, she’s somewhere between A hangman’s knot, and three mouths to feed

riley and wade Yes. YES. YES TIMES ONE MILLION.

I'm down for them having any thread and I'm thinking group firefighter thread putting these boys into action and unfortunately not the shirtless calendar action but the action action with the fire if we all wanted to do that one first? I'm down for either if either of you have a preference

Cameron Callaghan
 Posted: Jul 22 2017, 12:07 AM
Cameron Callaghan


This is the nicer Callaghan brother. Welcome to the family, Wade! Being part of the family means that you have to put up with Derek.

Anyway, Cam is going to have cooking/baking lessons with Emery. They'll do their best to make something edible for Wade and try not to make a huge mess (which they probably will, sorry). Wade is welcome to join them if he doesn't have work, he just ask that they save the hanky panky for later. XP

The romantic in him wants everything to work out between Wade and Emery, so if there's anything he can do to help let him know.

dr. acula
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