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 Rules, Mandatory read.
 Posted: Apr 30 2016, 05:00 PM

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The Site Rules

please read

Follow the Golden Rule! One should always treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Just be nice, and it will be reciprocated. Do not advertise anywhere but where it is expressly mentioned. Remember to always keep the ChatBox friendly. And have fun!
  1. Registering. Register with your characters first and last name in proper capitalization! Be sure to check out our member list to make sure that the name you decide upon for your character is not taken. We DO NOT accept duplicate names; however, this excludes last names if there is familial relationships to one another. And for the sake of avoiding confussion the admin's names are not allowed to be used as a character's name. Once you start an application you will have seven days to finish it before your account is classified inactive and your started app will be archived for you to finish when you are ready. If your app was placed in WIP and you are done with it, just reply to the thread and it will be viewed by an admin shortly. For your character to be approved you must have all your claims and mini-profile done.
  2. Faces. Before choosing a face, check out our face claims list. 18+ characters and playbys only! No using deceased face claims unless they were created before the death of the playby. Characters created must be within five years of their playby’s actual age. For example if the playby is 25 your characters age can range from 20-30. Be sure to keep your characters employment and overall attributes realistic! That means no 21 year old doctors, and no super skinny FC that is also super strong. Keep it real. Reserve the face you want! The reservation lasts seven days while you are working on your app to prevent someone else from snagging the face. You may only reserve 1 face at a time. This gives other guests and members opportunities to snag a face that they may want.

  3. Characters. We do not have a character limit here. However, in order to make a new character all of your current characters need to have at least two (active) threads/plots with two different members. This is to encurage plotting diversity. We know it can be hard, but it also gives everyone more options not to mention if one member isn't posting chances are others are posting. That way you don't get bored, and always have something to reply to. (We the admins reserve the right to change and enforce this rule on anyone member if they have too many characters and aren't able to keep up with them) Remember to keep each character as active as the next and don’t hoard the playbys. You know what you can handle, so don’t overdo it. Your app will also be your plotter, be sure to respond in the other person’s plotter. That way everyone gets some love, and it’s easier for each player to track.
  4. Application Your topic title will be your character's: last, first Proper capitalization. Your topic description will be: age | member group | face claim. Again all lowercase Please be sure to use that exact format, no dashes, forward slashes, or caps lock.
    Before your application can be ready for review & approval, you must fill out all of your claims, and mini-profile. If it is not done correctly your character will not be accepted.
  5. Want Ads. Player posting the ad: If you post a wanted ad you are agreeing to this rule. You understand that while certain plots and relationships come set in stone with the ad, the player taking them has the right to exercise their creativity with the rest of the character. Be aware of that when posting an ad, no one wants to take a character they can’t develop and grow themselves.
    Player taking the add: If you take a wanted ad you are agreeing to this rule. You understand that while this is your character, you are taking the ad as a willing participant of the plots and relationships mentioned in the ad. However outside of those things, you maintain the right to develop the rest of the character as your own. Be aware of that when taking an ad.
    What that means: TALK to one another about the ad beforehand, figure out each other's expectations, and be fully aware that the other person is not a robot, and while you had something very specific in mind, give the others version a chance. Be mindful of the fact that both parties have a right to say no, just because you want an ad, or you want someone to take an ad, does not mean it will be as such. DO NOT come crying to us over ads.
  6. Posting. We are a no word count site. Aim to match what your partner is writing for you. Not too much more, not too much less. If you’ve lost muse for your thread, speak up! You’re supposed to enjoy yourself, not suffer through it. Threads are archived after 30 days with no response. If you need them back just PM an admin so we can fix that for you. We do expect activity once a month with preferably all your characters. We do understand life and such, so as long as you are active and posting with a character, it shouldn't be a problem. If it does become a problem down the line we might do activity checks to clean house of inactive characters.
  7. Absences. If you have not posted with your account within a month's time and have not posted an absence, your account will be classified inactive, your character archived, and the face reopened. You can always get them back no matter how long you are gone. We won’t forget about you. LIFE COMES FIRST! If something comes up post in the absence forum to save your characters. But be realistic with it, don't tell us you'll be gone for a year. If that's the case we cannot save your characters but you will always be welcomed back.
  8. Graphics. The avatar size is 275x400. The staff will change it if the quality is bad, the dimensions are off, or if there are words or copyright. We do have a graphics section offering help if you need any. Don’t hesitate to ask.
  9. Rating. The site's rating is M for mature, which means there will be strong language, sexual content, and violence. Please mark your threads with [M] at the end of the thread title. Be aware if you go into those threads you are agreeing to read that kind of content, if you'd rather not see such things, please refrain from going into them.
  10. Disclaimer. All these rules are subject to change. An update will always be announced if ever this is to happen. If you have any questions regarding the rules or anything else message an admin. We are here to help.
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