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 Andrews, Daxton, 29 | sanguine | derek theler
Daxton Andrews
 Posted: Jun 17 2016, 04:12 PM
Daxton Andrews

@Dax: N/A

daxton "dax" andrews



Daxton Andrews



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23 / 05


Durango, Colorado


My job is actually a cover for what it is I really do, which is also illegal



Security & personal welder


Miami Pawn


Durango High School (graduate)


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For most of his life Daxton has always been an adrenaline junkie, even as a child. He grew up in Durango, Colorado - a small town surrounded by mountains which gave him plenty to do. His family was small which consisted of his step-father(Jason), mother(Laura) and older sister(Hattie). They were a family that did everything together. Hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, slack-lining, rock climbing, hunting, off-roading and fishing. They were always doing something. When Daxton was fourteen he took an interest in bull riding. It was a hobby which his step-father tried pushing him into becoming a professional bull rider as he got older. Things between them became strained, however, when Daxton made it apparent that he would be following another path - although what that path was he was still unsure of at the time. It was only two weeks after graduating that he decided to officially hang up his chaps and spurs. Later that night his step-father came home, obviously drunk, when he started an argument between them. The two ended up getting into a fist fight. Neither one of them had been seriously injured, but feelings had been hurt so Daxton walked out.

He went from town to town, finding small jobs here and there to make a few bucks so he could make it to the next city. When he turned twenty-two Daxton made it to Miami which is where he decided to stay. He was hired on as a construction worker which is where he began to learn to weld which soon became a passion of his. He became close friends with one of the other workers on the job(Marcus), only he wasn't the greatest influence. The man drank a lot, gambled and was a heroin user. Needless to say Daxton followed in Murcus' footsteps.

Unfortunately, Marcus wasn't exactly the best of friends. He became desperate for a large sum of cash which he owed to some other guy. That's when he came up with the idea to break into some random wealthy person's house. Daxton was unsure of the plan but for Marcus he was in. After a couple weeks of preparing the two made their move. Everything was going smoothly, just as they had planned, but as they began to walk towards the front door Marcus turned on Daxton. He apologized and stated that he needed Daxton's half of the jewelry(which they planned to sell) for himself. Marcus then shot him in the leg and took off with both of their bags. Daxton never heard nor saw Marcus again. In the end he had been arrested and charged with unarmed larceny. He was told that more than likely he'd get a 10 year sentence if/when his case would make it to court. He was twenty five years old then.

It took a while for his leg to heal but thankfully there had been no permanent damage. The last length of his recovery was spent at the prison's hospital ward.

Daxton became accustomed to life in prison rather quickly, only at first he was sought out as a target with being the new guy on the block. That quickly changed, however, as Daxton could hold his own well enough in a fight - for more often than not he came out the victor. Word got around and after a few months he was approached by another inmate(Pearce) with a deal in mind. The man stated that he could more than likely get Daxton out, but only if he came to work with him. They could use "his muscle" he had said. The deal was obviously made and soon there after a lawyer by the name of Chase Goodman began working his case. It was argued that his client got set up. That the couple who owned the large house were going through a divorce and the wife hired him to do it, for the insurance of course. Daxton wasn't sure how Chase did it but eventually his sentence was dropped after having been on the inside for six months.

As Daxton walked out of the prison there was a car there waiting for him. These were the people who had hired the lawyer. He was offered a job at their pawn shop as the security detail which he took without a second thought, not that he really had a choice. After a few months of working for them he was approached again for a promotion of sorts. They guys had a side operation - a robbery crew- which they wanted him to become a part of. Daxton was excited with the idea and jumped at the opportunity even though there were plenty of risks involved.

It's now been two years since Daxton joined the five man team which his skills have improved immensely. When not working Daxton is either doing small welding jobs for a hobby or running around trying to find something or someone to entertain him.
Friends: Daxton is a very friendly guy. He loves having a good time and is rather easy going so long as you don't piss him off. He's in life for the thrill of it and will do pretty much anything dared of him to do. He loves the attention and the adrenaline rush he gets. Dax is a bit conceited. He focuses a lot of time on his looks - especially his hair. DO NOT touch his hair. You have been warned.

Enemies: There will be plenty of enemies since he's a glorified robber. He's the muscle of the team which means he's the one doing a lot of the physical aspects of the job. Fighting with his bare hands is something he enjoys and is really good at. If you upset him, which isn't that easy since he's a laid back kind of guy, you better run or hide since he had a mean temper to boot as well.

Lovers: Dax loves the ladies and usually they love him. He's a charmer. All he has to do is smile and stare longingly into their eyes with his precious baby blues. He's never been in a serious relationship before and really doesn't have any plans to. Flings, one night stands and temporary girlfriends are all welcomed.
 Posted: Jun 17 2016, 07:21 PM

@Marcy: This is Zootopia, where anyone, can be anything!



Congratulations! Your character has been accepted here at Miami Lights. Please post in the claims and head over to moderation to request a development forum before posting elsewhere around the board. Posting in shipper apps is the best way to get your character going, so check out the accepted forum to get started! And don't forget, HAVE FUN!
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