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 Posted: Apr 30 2016, 05:00 PM

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the site plot

Miami Florida

Welcome to the magical city of Miami!

This town where strobe lights dance to the vivacious beats that escape the booming speakers of every night club in Miami. Multi-colored lights horde the streets bustling with people dressed in snazzy suits and cocktail dresses with a common goal of having the time of their lives.

Fancy and elegant restaurants serve some of the finest dishes one could ever devour, and immaculate buildings stretch towards the ocean where it meets the skyline!

Whether you are a commoner working three jobs to maintain a decent life, living from paycheck to paycheck. A native who has established a solid career doing something you love and supporting your family of four. A criminal who roams the streets looking for the next big break no matter what you'd have to do to get it. Or even a successful socialite who is constantly in the spotlight, Miami has become home to you.

And no matter how much of your dirty laundry you want to stay hidden from the rest of the city's population, secrets always have a way of resurfacing to wreak havoc on our picture perfect little lives.

In a city this big, with such a huge population anything can happen. That's just real life, no matter how perfect it is to the public, life is messy. That shouldn't stop you from enjoying it to the fullest!

Miami Lights is a very laid back, no word count role-playing site set in Miami, Florida. Our community includes open-minded reality-based individuals who enjoy stretching their own creativity to build stories with others. Feel free to look around, ask questions, and if Miami Lights seems like a good fit for you, we'd love to have you!

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