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 Clairmont, Jacob, 27 | choleric | casey jon deidrick
Jacob Clairmont
 Posted: May 3 2016, 08:18 PM
Jacob Clairmont

@Jake: Let the police come and smoke the stage. I'm getting restless now and can no longer wait. And I know, I know, that you know for sure. What it is, you are having me endure. In a few years what will we become. Fuck me, it doesn't matter. I cannot live like this. I cannot fucking live like this! My woman! I can't live without my woman! Live a lie, That's alright I'll be there till the end of time! Nothing so pure, momentum building up before it deals a blow. We've got it right, nobody has the right. The lights are dimming and the future is on hold. I look for silver, while I lie in bed with gold. And I said fuck me, it doesn't matter, I cannot live like this, I cannot fucking live like this! My woman! I can't live without my woman! Live a lie. That's alright. I'll be there till the end of time! I'm ready to sell my soul. Give me the strength to give it all. Leave me alone I'm no longer fucked up, because she needs me too...!

Jacob Clairmont



Jake Clairmont



Member Group



25 / April


Miami, FL


My father is a mob boss



Cargo Port Manager (Enforcer)


Dodge Island


Coral Reef HS (Diploma)


Sexual Orientation


Relationship Status


Current Partner

It's Complicated








Pref. Pronouns


Jacob was born with a silver spoon, and never knew any different. He had happily married parents, who loved him. What could go wrong?! Well, he certainly found that out at a young eleven years of age. The police had come to their house, to take them all to the station, apparently his dad had been arrested. His mother called their lawyer, and his grandparents, he had been put into a room, that seemed like a kitchen and dinning room all in one. While they took his mother to another room to chat. He was not going to be left in the dark, he was not suppose to hear the adults talking, but he did. They were accusing his father of murder, that was impossible! His father would never, ever do such a thing, and now they were saying his own kids saw him do it? Kids? What kids? As it had turned out, Jake had two brothers, so they said. These said brothers were the ones putting his dad in jail, he grew angry, and went looking. He found the two boys sitting on a couch huddled together, all pink in the face, red eyes, and runny noses. But Jacob didn’t care that their mother was dead, he was too angry to care and he’d launched right in, accusing them, calling them names, and liars, and tried to hit them, but the eldest brother would not allow it. Eventually officers came and dragged Jake away, it was pure hate for them both from then on. The trial had been so difficult, both him and his five year old sister had to sit there and watch their half brothers put his dad in jail. But Madeline was so small still, she didn’t really understand, she just cried to be held by daddy.

Jacob always made sure that his little sister always knew daddy hadn’t done it, he was innocent, and good, and loved her, even if he was not at home right now. He never let his mother quit trying to appeal and get Philippe out. It seemed to him that Jaxen was like that tiny rock in your shoe you could never get out, that thorn forever on his side. Somehow Jaxen had managed to get enrolled in the same private school as he and Erica attended. Who is Erica you ask? She was the second reason why Jake hated Jax so damn much. She was everything that was good and kind in the world, and he had to waltz into her life, and fuck it all up. Just like he had done to Jacob’s own life. Jacob loved Erica, he’d been dating her for a while, and they had been each other's firsts, so he thought. Because of Jax, she broke it off with him, she chose him, she broke his heart. And how did he repay her? By knocking her up! Her father was the preacher for christ sake, he ruined her life, and she ran away. Jake just grew to hate Jax more and more.

Jake was in fact making sure his father was taken care of, money wise, and that the lawyers continued to work on his appeals, but he couldn’t bring himself to actually go see him. He talked to him over the phone, but there was something about seeing him in prison that Jake couldn’t stomach. He became the head of his family, and his grandfather made sure to groom him for that exact purpose. He took Jake under his wing and taught him everything he needed to learn to take over, when the time came. When his grandfather passed, he left Jake the business, and Dodge Island. Left both Madeline and Jake seven figure trust funds, and left Maddie his house next to their mother's house in Fisher Island, along with his investment portfolio. He is incredibly protective of Maddie, he's been taking care of her since she was very little. Their mother was dealing with too much, and it fell to Jake to step up.

Now Philippe was finally up for parole and Jake couldn’t be more please, both him and Maddie would be there to take their dad home. He truly hoped his half-brothers didn’t show. If he never saw Jax again it would be too soon.

Basic Info:
He now runs Dodge Island and all the ports just as his grandpa had, it's a legitimate business, that he learned turns a blind eye for the right price, he'd learned all the workings of Dodge Island from his grandfather before he passed. He intends to follow in his grandfathers foot steps, the man had become someone he looked up to. Jake tends to be serious, and has a short fuse, he is fiercely protective of his family. Never again will he let Jaxen or anyone else fuck it up.

People of Interest:
Jake's father is in jail, soon to be out. He hates both his half-siblings, blames them for all that went wrong in his life. Maddie is his own full-blooded sister, and is the most precious thing in his life. He'd do anything for her, and is fiercely protective of her. He can be target for people who don't like to pay the tax on illegal good at Dodge Island, and can be a good ally to have if you want to smuggle something into the country. He is a very loyal person, he is a good friend to have in your corner. But a fearsome enemy if you cross him. He does not like loosing.

Love Interest
He still carries a torch for Erica, his high school sweetheart, without anyone knowing he has been looking for her. But he's still open to the posibility of giving it a go with someone else. After what he went through with his own parents the one thing he values above all is fidelity, Erica aside (because she is his weakness) He does not take cheating lightly.

 Posted: May 4 2016, 06:50 PM

@N/A: N/A



Congratulations! Your character has been accepted here at Miami Lights. Please post in the claims and head over to moderation to request a development forum before posting elsewhere around the board. Posting in shipper apps is the best way to get your character going, so check out the accepted forum to get started! And don't forget, HAVE FUN!
Erica Bailey
 Posted: Jul 8 2017, 04:31 PM
Erica Bailey

@Erica: Something always brings me back to you It never takes too long No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'till the moment I'm gone You hold me without touch You keep me without chains I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love And not feel your reign

Erica & Jake


YES! THREAD! Does he want to track her down to her and her kid's apartment or does he maybe want to find her at work? Where does he want the thread and you've got one!

Phoebe Chamberlain
 Posted: Jul 14 2017, 01:29 PM
Phoebe Chamberlain


jake & pheebs

Yessss. If she really wants to torture him she might pull him up on stage when she's singing and get him to sing along. >:D

"Is it the pain; you can't handle the pain? Wuss!"

dr. acula

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