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 Rosner, Darcy, 30 | Melancholic | Natalie Portman
Darcy Rosner
 Posted: May 27 2017, 05:12 PM
Darcy Rosner

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Darcy Rosner



Darcy Rosner



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04/ March


Haifa, Israel





ER doctor


University of Miami Hospital


Stanford University (pHD); School (degree)


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Not many children are born into a life of luxury where anything they could ever want and or desire would be right at their fingertips. Such was the luck for Darcy who was the only child ever born to Micha and Zivah Rosner. Her father is a spine surgeon who grew up in a poor family alongside his seven brothers and sisters. Darcy's mother is a phycologist whose father was a well known politician in Israel therefore she grew up well. The two of them had met at a bookstore and it was their similar interests that drew them together which soon enough grew into a budding romance. It was Zivah who had encouraged Micha to follow his dreams in becoming a surgeon one day and helped in whatever way she could.

After the two of them had graduated they got married. The couple had troubles conceiving a child and soon enough gave up all hope and instead focused their attention on their occupations and each other. It came as a shock to both of them when Zivah found out that she was with child ten years into their marriage.

9 months later a baby girl was born to them and they named her Darcy. The new mother and father doted on her. She was their everything and no longer could they imagine life without her. Darcy had been a happy baby who only cried whenever something was wrong. As she grew older she became more adventurous and outgoing.

Life took a turn for the three of them however when Darcy had tried to climb a tree so to keep up with a neighborhood boy. She had fallen and ended up being sent to the hospital. Nothing had been broken but after her lab results returned it was discovered that she had leukemia. After doing some research her parents came to the conclusion that the best hospital for her to be treated at was in the U.S. So the family packed everything up and made the move to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The treatment was long and weary but in the end Darcy beat the disease. Her parents were reluctant and thus decided to stay on in the states instead of moving back home.

Darcy continued on in life as any other child. She excelled in school throughout the years. It was while she was in middle school that she discovered her passion. Painting. Landscapes mostly. When it came time for her to pick a profession in order to apply to the best colleges it really came as no surprise when she decided on becoming a doctor. The notion was slowly pushed upon her by her parents once they stopped supporting her 'hobby' and dream of becoming an artist. Which is why they were thrilled to learn that she had been accepted to attend Stanford University.

After eight years of hard work Darcy received her PhD. It was only a few months later that her parents decided to make the move back home. They tried convincing her to join them but Darcy had her heart set on staying in the states. Once their goodbyes were said she packed up and moved to Miami, FL where she revived her first job as a doctor.

About: Darcy is a short and quiet doctor who works in the ER. She is almost always dressed in her best with not a wrinkle to be seen, with hair that's never frizzy or a single strand that's out of place, and make up done to perfection. Although she appears put together on the outside Darcy struggles with finding her true self.

Friends: Darcy is the kind who gets along with others easily. She prefers to have a few close friends rather than a lot of acquaintances whom she can't trust. She's not the kind who spends her days off partying and making a fool of herself. Instead she prefers to sit at home watching old romance movies with a bottle of wine.

Enemies: It's hard to imagine that anyone wouldn't like her but Darcy has a hard time saying no to people which makes her easy to take advantage of. She also dislikes anyone that hurts people whether it be their profession or otherwise. Although she will keep her choice words to herself it's hard to ignore the impending glare that she has a hard time hiding.

Lovers: Relationships have never been a priority for Darcy. She's only ever dated a few men and none of them had even come close to being serious. It's not that she doesn't wish to find love but merely her focus is on her job at the hospital. She's not looking so he will have to come find her.

 Posted: May 29 2017, 10:02 PM

@Marcy: This is Zootopia, where anyone, can be anything!



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